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German Speaker-

Join Via to help us reinvent urban mobility!!!

Urban mobility is being reinvented: from driving your own car and sitting in traffic, to on-demand networks of electric, autonomous and shared vehicles. This raises large scale questions: who will own the vehicles? what will happen to the automotive industry? how will public stakeholders take part?

We at Via are developing the operating system that manages and controls shared mobility at scale. We have grown rapidly and our platform has provided many millions of rides to consumers in NYC, Chicago, DC, Paris and many more locations.

We are helping cities transition their bus systems from rigid lines and fixed schedules to on-demand networks of dynamic shuttles. Imagine the potential of efficient mobility without any infrastructure costs. Our infrastructure is data. Everything is computed in real-time: schedules, routing, matching between shuttle and passenger. From a financial perspective we are able to reach a 'cost per seat' that matches that of mass transit solutions that are 100x larger.

If you are a German Native speaker with high level of English we want to meet you!!

About the Job -

For a short term project you will translate from English to German our mobile App.


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